What is my goal with this blog anways

I guess I started off the whole blog thing so as I could get away with not emailing people about my life as much I had been. But this motivation has changed now, it has deepended to way beyond the scope it once had… now I am motivated by a few things…one is that I wish to create a place where I can open up a debate about certain topics such as racism, poverty, the environment or religion.  I also am motivated by creating a place where I can be creative about what is on my heart, this may through photography or creative writting or poetry or maybe even art. But really I want these creative pieces to spur new thoughts in peoples minds in the same way as I want news articles to spur new thoughts…so i guess I want this blog to be a place that challenges people to think outside the box and especially think outside their own box because we all have boxes that we get trapped in.

I want people to look at things differently, I want to challenge people to see the everything and everything they do with an upside down motive…more about that thought later…but my faith has a lot to do with this blog.

Ps But I also want to have fun while I do it…


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