who the heck am I…

My Name is Peter, I am an Irishman lost in America wondering how he ended up here or how he fell in love with the New World and all its brash confidence…

But lets be serious here just for a moment I am 27 years old and i strongly believe In Jesus Christ, the Kingdom Come and the redemptive story. 

I work for an organisation called Children of the Nations.  We are based in Silverdale, WA.   I work here because I feel that God has called me seek a better world for children in the developing world and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his actualised love.

Our Vision Statment is – Raising Children Who Transform Nations.

We rescue destitute and orphaned children in Uganda, Malawi, Sierra Leone and the Dominican Rep. We are a Christian non profit but we do not prejudice who gets care based on religion but rather on need, we seek to educate, train, feed, empower and love these children, we are not a relief organisation and we do not use USA staff to run the programmes in these places but rather empower nationals to seek to raise these children who transform nations.



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